About Kosher Jazz


Kosher Jazz specializes in klezmer, swing, jazz, and bossa nova–we play beautiful background music and can rock your simcha with a rousing hora medley sure to wear out your quests on the dance floor, also we can play  Yiddish, Israeli, and klezmer hits if called for! With just a trio of musicians, we do Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong jazz hits! We can also add more musicians if your event calls for it.

The core trio is: Audrey on clarinet, saxophones and flute; klezmer star Susan, (grand-daughter of klezmer legend Joseph Hoffman),  who sings (yiddish and hebrew in addition to english) and plays trumpet; keyboardist James who also covers authentic drums and bass for a complete rhythm section sound. With just the trio, we sound like a full band–check out the samples! To cover Rock and R&B as well as sing Sinatra and other styles, guitarist/vocalist Bob can be added to the duo or trio.  A world class violinist and/or accordianist can be included for that old school Eastern European vibe.